Canada in the Contemporary World- Unit and Lesson Plans

December 31, 2017

Below you will find the links to a unit plan and six detailed lesson plans which make up Unit 1 for grade nine social studies. This unit plan was created using backwards design. Each lesson is themed to fit within my pedagogical theme "Canada- A Nation Built from Individual and Collective Narratives." This unit focuses on the social domain of who am I? The unit is designed to allow for students to inquiry into the topics, create meaning and discover some of the challenges of living in a world filled with uncertainty. Students will also have many opportunities to practice discipline specific skills such as viewing narratives through the eyes of a historian, organizing information, discerning facts from opinion etc. To view my unit plan or any of my lessons click on their titles below.


Unit Plan

Lesson 1: Oh the Places You Have Gone and Have Yet To Go

Lesson 2: The World Wide...... Social Media? Where Do I Fit In?

Lesson 3: Stereotype Me? But I Am My Own Person

Lesson 4: Diversity- A Unique Collection of Individuals

Lesson 5: The I in Citizenship

Lesson 6: Wait, What is My Story?

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