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About Me


I am a life long learner who loves to inspire others to join me on the journey of discovery. I approach most things in life with curiosity, creativity, and personal meaning.

In my jazz studies, I valued the freedom of personal expression within an existing framework. Through collaborating with other band members, I learned that every member is important whether it be playing the lead role or being a supporting player. This principle can be used not only in music environments but also in every classroom; therefore, every student is important and brings value to the learning process.

I have discovered through my teaching experiences, professional development and course work that my strengths are in the interpretation of curriculum, engaging students in critical and creative thinking, designing creative projects, and building rapport with each individual student regardless of grade or subject. I appreciated interacting with all the age groups, especially middle and senior years students.

While teaching with the Canadian Armed Forces I appreciated the importance they placed on community, organizational skills, and teamwork.

Through my speaking events, presentations and Education Canada Magazine Publication I have learned the value of communication. Specifically, listening to others and responding in a clear and kind fashion is important in creating meaningful learning experiences. As well, I have learned the importance of working individually and collaboratively during the writing process to create a clear and concise piece. 


I believe it is important to encourage others during the learning experience to help them grow and develop into their full potential.


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