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The Star Quilt Project

In September of 2017, I joined three of my fellow teacher candidates from Brandon University to work in collaboration to create The Star Quilt Project. The Star Quilt Project started as a simple project for a Teaching Aboriginal Studies course, but evolved into something extraordinary! In February 2018 my group members and I will be presenting our work at Western Canada Association For Student Teachers (WestCAST) in Winnipeg, MB.

Each group member had a specific role to play in the creation of the Star Quilt Project. My role was to build a unit and course plan surrounding the experiences of building the star quilt. Although it started as a simple unit what emerged was a full course plan and one complete unit. From discovering the history of the star quilt to the relational aspects of building a community, the themes that emerged sparked my interest in building a cross curricular unit based on experiential learning and inquiry.

Below is a video introducing and showcasing the project in it completion. To find out more about The Star Quilt Project please click the find out more button and enter the password TAS2017

My pieces of the Star Quilt Project can be found by either  visiting the project website (clicking on A Unit Plan tab) or by visiting my Samples of Work page.

Linked Site:

Password: TAS2017

The Star Quilt Project

The Star Quilt Project

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