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Grade 6 to 8 at Senator Riley Middle School, High River, Alberta.

Kate's Classroom 2019- 2020

Going into my 2nd year teaching at Senator Riley Middle School, I have even more variety in my teaching assignment: ELA, social studies, band, drama and art. I have made many changes this year in my classroom. 

                                                       PICTURES COMING SOON!!!

Kate's Classroom 2018-2019

During the 2018-2019 school year I taught grade 6 homeroom, English Language Arts, social studies and band at Senator Riley Middle School in High River, Alberta. I love teaching middle school it is always fun, entertaining and full of learning. Although I primary work with grade 6's I have the opportunity to work with the grade 7 & 8 students  during various extra curricular activities.

I  have many fun spaces in my classroom. Every piece of my classroom was thoughtfully designed to promote student learning and provide structure for students. Many of the material posted I created and laminated specifically for this space. My classroom color scheme was chosen to create a calm and welcoming environment for students that maximizes student learning and engagement. My overall theme is puzzles because there are so many fun puns and creative ways to integrate puzzles into learning. As well, I also had to integrate Harry Potter into my classroom by creating a social studies news board with a Harry Potter theme. The reading corner is by far students' favorite place in my entire room. During class students love using the space for reading, during breaks students have adopted the space as a cozy hang out spot.

The summer before my first teaching assignment, I designed a 
poster for my classroom. Since I first put it up, I have had many educators ask for a copy of it.  Click the picture below to download the poster.

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