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Music Teaching Philosophy

               I believe that all students can learn and find enjoyment in music education through making, creating, and listening. I believe that all students can find success in playing an instrument through working hard and being willing to engage in the learning process. Improvement in any area of life requires being open to new ideas, embracing creative approaches to challenges, and putting in consistent time and effort to generate the change you want to see.

                As a teacher my goal is to accompany students on their musical learning journeys by creating opportunities for musical exploration in a variety of contexts- some of which include but are not limited to solo learning, chamber ensembles, small ensembles, and large ensembles.  I believe that listening and investigating all genres of music in addition to music making play a role in developing lifelong music learners. I believe that all of these learning opportunities allow students to experience, connect with and develop skills in different areas of music. I believe that every single student progresses at his or her own rate. Therefore, it is important to give students opportunities to work in smaller groups and on individual projects to maximize learning and provide student choice. I believe it is important to create learning environments that leave space for students to explore their own individual musical interests and discover the interdisciplinary nature of music. The goal of a music education program should be to help students develop a relationship with music that deepens their understanding of self, others and the world while building skills to learn music independently.

                I believe music allows students to expand their sense of self through building meaningful relationships with others in settings where collaboration, exploration, individual voice, and team effort are crucial to the success of most classroom activities. I believe that music is the most enjoyable when learners are given opportunities to actively participate and explore music instead of passively learning information.

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