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Classroom Management Philosophy

"Teachers know that pupils come to them clothed in a bond of parental trust and parents know that they, in entrusting their children can count on the watchful eyes of a teacher." -Ted Aoki

               In order for learning to occur, it is important to establish a healthy classroom culture. Fostering a classroom of respect is an ongoing endeavour that requires consistent attunement to student behaviours in every situation. I strive to constantly provide a classroom where students are treated fairly and have equal opportunities to speak and be heard. I believe that building strong interpersonal relationships with students, establishing routines, and planning engaging classroom activities is crucial for limiting disruptions and creating a safe environment. 


            In order to create this kind of environment, it is important for me to clearly communicate classroom expectations and routines at the beginning of the year (or semester).  If the classroom ethos is threatened by student behaviour, a discussion or reminder of classroom routines and values must be done respectfully. To optimize learning, I arrange the physical learning space as required and provide a variety of tools to help students learn how to monitor and manage their own behaviours (fidgets, mindfulness activities etc.) I also implement a variety of activities and restorative practices to help create and maintain a healthy and safe learning environment.




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